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The following anniversaries have been found for 27th November :
The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars
The 220th anniversary of the start of H√ľningen (Battle, 27 November 1796 – 01 February 1797)
(Part of French War of the First Coalition)
– A victory for Coalition Forces [ Austrian ] over French Garrison
The Austrians succeded in taking this bridgehead over the Rhine. Casualties were light on both sides, and most of the French garrison were able to withdraw to escape capture.
The 204th anniversary of Staroi-Borisov (Engagement/Skirmish, 27 November 1812)
(Part of Napoleon’s Russian Campaign, Crossing the Beresina)
– A victory for Russian forces over French & Allied Forces
The French attempting to march from Borisov to the bridges at Studianka were intercepted by the advanced guard of Wittgenstein’s Detached Corps. Initially numbers were matched but the Russiaofns built up their strength as further elements of the Corp arrived. Only one French battalion managed to fight its way through. On the morning of the 28th all remaining troops surrendered.

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